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Down-line vs. Cross-court Shots by Steve Keeley Topic: The Bo Chronicles
This tip on point of contact targets the beginning to intermediate player who wants to know how to better hit a down-line vs. cross-court kill or pass. The answer to this riddle lies within the Beach Ball contact zone (covered elsewhere) that floats around the court with you. Recall that the beach b...
Published: Saturday 06 October, 2007
PHYSICAL VS. MENTAL ERRORS by Steve Keeley Topic: The Bo Chronicles
This is my favorite racquetball nuance, and the game shine of 'cerebral' players. The rest are brawlers. It's tournament day at Racquetown, U.S.A. where ten courts are arranged in two rows. One row of five hosts all the divisions through Open, and the other row is strictly pro matches and Legends...
Published: Saturday 29 September, 2007
SERVES AND STRINGS by Steve Keeley Topic: The Bo Chronicles
This tip credits the drive serve as the primary drill and point-getter for the open player. Why not attach an imaginary string to the ball next time you enter the service box? In this way, you judge the important angle the ball takes from launch on strings to the front wall plaster. Have someone ...
Published: Saturday 29 September, 2007
Deep in the Volley by Steve Keeley Topic: The Bo Chronicles
The goal is to beseech you to volley so often that you must prove the author right or wrong. With each tip, I offer a new insight into the game's heavyweight, underused shot. You will become twice the vollier if you combine practicing some of the volley drills like Hogan's Workup with a once-a-week ...
Published: Friday 21 September, 2007
Hogan's Volley Work-up by Steve Keeley Topic: The Bo Chronicles
The game's all in the air, according to Marty Hogan. The vital shot to advance is the volley.Personal progress is best examined in terms of identical twins or clones. If two clones vie with the only variable that Mr. X has no volley and Mr. V volleys at every opportunity, V will trounce the rival. T...
Published: Friday 21 September, 2007
Court Coverage with Pepper by Steve Keeley Topic: The Bo Chronicles
Court coverage takes place after you hit the ball and before you hit the next shot. Some players base their games around covering the opponent's shots and, in fact, the incumbent IRT champ Jason Manino, has such blanket coverage as to buffalo others from shooting the ball. Yet even he was not the be...
Published: Wednesday 05 September, 2007
WANTED: TWO FEARED KILLERS by Steve Keeley Topic: The Bo Chronicles
Beginning to intermediate players should be on the lookout for the two most wanted shots in all the game: The front court set-up and the back wall set-up. These set-up brothers are the most likely for these skill levels to notch points in their game. Their impact is so important as to sway hundreds ...
Published: Tuesday 04 September, 2007
The Pig Roast & Human Sacrifice by NPA Topic: People / Profiles / Birthdays
A time-honored tradition: The Pig Roast & Human Sacrifice. One of the highlights of the paddleball year is the annual pig roast staged by the Kalamazoo, Mich., players. A player or players each year are honored for their contributions to the sport. At least, that's what they want you to believ...
Published: Monday 03 September, 2007
Trophies recognize PB's best by Lou Giampetroni Topic: Tournament Info
By LOU GIAMPETRONI Not only is Mike Wisniewski a very good paddleball player but he also is interested in the history of the sport and its preservation. Wisniewski, of Bay City, Mich., the 8-time NPA national singles champion, has constructed two large trophies for indoor, four-wall paddleball. ...
Published: Monday 03 September, 2007
Gen. Patton exhorted the paddleball troops by Lou Giampetroni Topic: People / Profiles / Birthdays
By LOU GIAMPETRONI Remember the movie "Patton"? And the very memorable scene that opens the film and has George C. Scott, as the famous World War II general, addressing his troops standing in front of him before they go into battle? He praises them, he exhorts them, he tells them that th...
Published: Monday 03 September, 2007
Displaying 21 to 30 (of 40 articles) Result Pages: [<< Prev]   1  2  3  4  [Next >>] 
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